• Resilience

    Pastor Don will begin a new message series on May 4, "Resilience." The Bible speaks much of perseverance until the end when the Christ follower receives the full reward of his faith. In this series Pastor Don explores the biblical teachings that produce of life of "staying with it." It takes a whole life time to do the whole will of God. What does "a whole life time" look like, and what does it take to go on "from glory to glory," as the Apostle Paul puts it? Jesus shows us how. 

  • In 10 Minutes

    Here are two videos to introduce you to the Bible, a 10 minute introduction to the Old Testament and a 10 minute introduction to the New Testament. On your mark, get set....


    For your post-Easter reading, consider Risen: 50 Reasons Why the Resurrection Changed Everything. Easter isn't once a year! It's an everyday reality that penetrates our ordinary lives with the resources of Christ's heavenly life. The chapters of this book are brief and numbered so that we are taken to Pentecost, the church's celebration of the giving of the Holy Spirit, described for us in Acts 2. Don't leave Easter in the past or wait for it for next year. It's NOW!

  • Today's Thought

    'The assured Christian is more motion than notion, more work than word, more life than lip, more hand than tongue.'  Thomas Brooks

  • Considered

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